Ultra-Compact Surfaces

Our Ultra-Compact Surfaces

KBR has fabricated ultra-compact surface countertops from a variety of suppliers and have created some truly breathtaking pieces. Our main showroom display is a ultra-compact surface covered wall, with an inlaid “KBR” logo made out of the same material, rolling into a waterfall countertop. We don’t currently stock any ultra-compact surface products given the unique project type. However, we work with several suppliers in the area and can help find the perfect piece to suit your needs.

Why Choose Ultra-Compact

Extremely Durable

Ultra-compact surfaces are manufactured from a particular clay that is rich in Kalonite and typically contains feldspar, silica and other mineral oxides. This is what gives the material it’s durability and color. This surface is typically stronger than granite and is obtained through the firing process.

Thinner than the Standard

This product is thinner than standard countertops and comes in at 6mm and 12mm vs the 3cm standard for other surfaces. This is approximately ¼” & ½” vs 1¼”.

Variety of Applications

Ultra-compact surfaces are becoming more and more popular in the States. In addition to countertops, many customers are also looking to capture the beautiful look in a variety of applications. The most popular has been installation of shower walls. In addition, we’ve fabricated products for fireplace surrounds and exterior walls.

Design Services Available

We offer design services for your cabinets, tailored to your personal style and functional needs.

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